Easy Steps To create Email Lists

Easy Steps To create Email Lists

Today I am going to answer the questions like how to build email lists, how to create email list, how to build email list and how to build an email list. I will show you easy steps to create email lists quickly, effectively and profitably.

It has always surprised me to learn that … the vast majority of business ventures on the Internet do not make effective use of email as a marketing tool. In fact, few businesses use any form of email marketing and the few that do, either do it poorly or do not take advantage of it to its full potential.

Many think that to do email marketing it is enough to buy one of those CDs with hundreds of thousands or millions of emails and start sending commercial messages to the brave, ignoring the smallest rules of etiquette on the net. This practice, known as SPAM, or sending unsolicited email, not only goes against the rules established on the Internet but also goes against the most basic rules of marketing, that is, to establish, build and maintain long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with your clients and prospects. Spam, therefore, falls outside of this category and I would venture to classify it as an anti-marketing activity.

how to create email lists

On the other hand, “smart” people have discovered that through a voluntary subscription email newsletter, email marketing is feasible. This is absolutely true, as long as people know how to do it.

Indeed, electronic newsletters are a very powerful tool and in fact, in my personal case, I edit 3 of the best known and most prestigious in the sector. I am referring to the MercadeoGlobal.com, BoletinesElectronicos.com and MercadeoEnInternet.com newsletters. These newsletters have a combined database that exceeds 120,000 voluntary subscribers.

    If the newsletters were not profitable, do you think I would edit 3? No.

    If magazines were not profitable, do you think I would have written three books on the subject? No.

    If the electronic newsletters were not profitable, do you think you would have founded and would be the co-director of NovedadesEnRED.com (the portal created by and for the best electronic newsletters on the Internet in Spanish and with a combined base that exceeds 600,000 subscribers)? No.

Although electronic newsletters are an excellent means of marketing and promoting your products and services, they ARE NOT the only way to do email marketing. In fact, newsletters are only a small part of email marketing. They are just, so to speak, “the tip of the iceberg.”

Would you believe me if I told you that few ezine publishers know the above? So that’s it. And I tell you this with knowledge of the facts, since one of my main activities is to advise companies and entrepreneurs on Internet marketing strategies and most of them did not have a newsletter, they did not even know of its existence or its potential. And, those who did have a newsletter, did not know how to make it profitable and were unaware of other forms of email marketing. I repeat: newsletters are just the “tip of the iceberg” when it comes to email marketing.

I want you to know the following:

    The bases and foundations of your Internet business are represented by EMAIL MARKETING. Without it, it is impossible (or more difficult) to do business on the Internet.

    It is necessary to have some type of email marketing for your business to grow in a solid, consistent and strong way. 

    NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING comes close to the power of email.

    Email marketing is the foundation of your business. Your lists are a gold mine and as such, you must learn to exploit them to their full potential. There is no use in having a gold mine if you do not learn to extract the valuable stone from that mine. The same goes for your lists. You may have a million subscribers, but if you don’t know how to exploit that “gold mine” represented by said list … the list loses all its value. 

    The money is on your lists.

“Money is on your list” is the theme that will focus everything we will learn throughout this course. Hence the importance of lists (of subscribers to your newsletter, clients, potential clients, partners, allies, etc.).

The concept of “the money is on your list” is NOT a new concept and it was not born with the Internet; this is the same basic strategy of direct response marketing. Therefore, what I am telling you is not new, but at the same time it is new, inasmuch as the medium is new and different. The basic way of making money is the same one that direct marketers have been using since the early twentieth century, that is, for more than 100 years.

The principle is this: have a list and sell them over and over, over and over again.

I don’t care what kind of product or service you sell. Whether you are a doctor, an architect, an employment agency, a travel agency, a plumber, an editor, a nutritionist, or whatever your activity is, you should create a list and get business from it. and again.

If your activity is to sell a product or a service to your current and potential clients, everything that I will explain in this course will come to you like “out of the blue”.

The first thing you’ll need to do is build a list of people to sell to. If you are not selling what you would like or if you are not

To make all the money you want, most likely you do not have enough lists, you do not know how to acquire them or you do not know the strategies to develop and make them profitable.

What do you think is the most important thing for your internet business?

    The product?

    The design of your website?

    The content?

    Search engine rankings?


The most important thing for your Internet business is YOUR LIST. (your lists).

Rest assured that:

    It doesn’t matter how good your product or service is.

    It doesn’t matter how beautiful your website is.

    It doesn’t matter if it has the best content on the Web.

    It does not matter what position you occupy in the search engines.

All of this is worthless if you don’t have someone to sell your products to and a way to follow up with your potential customers (your subscribers). In this way, on the Internet the most valuable asset resides in YOUR LIST, or in other words: YOUR SUBSCRIBERS. Without your lists, without subscribers, you have nothing.

Here is the Course To Make you Learn Easy Steps to Create Email Lists

The course focuses on three subject areas:

The first, where I reveal to you what are the bases, the fundamentals of your business on the Internet and make you see the need to change the perspective with which you look at business on the Internet. The new perspective that I will show you is to see all your activities from the perspective of email marketing.

I will teach you how to build a DEEP FOUNDATION in email marketing and how to use this tool to its fullest potential. Without fear of exaggeration, this course will radically change the way you do business on the Internet.

In the second, I will teach you the different techniques and strategies (basic, advanced and unorthodox) of how to build your lists quickly, easily and effectively. In fact, many of your lists can be built automatically, so that you will see them grow almost like magic. I guarantee that if you just put a few of the list building strategies into practice you will see them grow and make money like you never imagined before. Imagine only if you get to use them all?

Although the main focus of the course is oriented to the construction of the lists, throughout the course I treat a third area where I will teach strategies to make these lists PROFITABLE, since it is useless to have hundreds of lists or thousands or millions of subscribers if it is not able to “squeeze” them and make them generate substantial economic income.

I will show you over a dozen strategies, many of which I guarantee are so innovative and creative that you could never have imagined them. In summary, in this section I will teach you how to MAKE MONEY using email marketing and “blowing up” (in the good sense of the word) your lists.


Remember that every subscriber – to any of your lists – is a potential customer and your job is nothing more than to convert that potential customer into a buyer not only of one of your products but of your entire product line or that of the third party products that you promote. It is well known that the value of a customer must be measured in terms of a lasting relationship and not in a single business transaction. When I refer to customers, I mean those who buy from you again and again, again and again …

In short I will teach you what only true experts know and use. I am going to teach you the MOST ADVANCED and MOST PROFITABLE email marketing techniques, those things that few apply in their entirety and those things that I guarantee you will not learn anywhere else, even in any graduate or master’s degree in marketing from any university in the world. . This characteristic of the course alone is invaluable and alone is worth more than what the course might cost. Guaranteed!

In this course you will only find …

    contents with substance and no filler material. In fact, those things that are not productive, I do not spend a single minute in this course.

    Everything, absolutely everything is quality material and practical application.  

    Nothing is outdated material or regurgitation of common sense or public domain material. 

    All of the above are things that have worked for me and for those who have taught the course, either in person or remotely. If they have been effective for us, why should they not be for you?


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